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Pan-Tilt Units

Pan-Tilt Units for your thermal camera.

The complete line of FLIR high-performance pan/tilts offers unparalleled performance in accuracy, speed, ruggedness, and reliability. All units
offer a real-time computer control interface for fast, reliable response in applications such as tracking, scanning and slew-to-cue. E-Series models include built-in Ethernet/Web interfaces for simple integration with networks and IP cameras.

FLIR pan/tilt units are:

  • Fully programmable to meet any application requirement. Speeds, accelerations, power levels and ranges of motion can all be user programmed for flexible and dynamic operation. E-Series models feature high-resolution digital encoders for fast, reliable absolute positioning.
  • Modular with support bracketing options for any type of payload(s), including cameras, lasers, antennas and other instruments.
  • Designed for continuous operation in harsh, all-weather environments, and 100% duty cycle to provide years of service without maintenance.
  • Loaded with advanced capabilities and options, including low-cost inertial stabilization for applications on-the-move and geo-pointing to easily link pan/tilt pointing with geo-spatial interfaces.
Pan-Tilt Units D300

Extreme-duty pan-tilt for large payloads. Many advanced options include: RF pass-through, stabilization, stainless gearing, and more. Suited for fixed and mobile, antenna, camera, and other payloads.

Pan-Tilt Units D100

Mid-range, high-performance rugged pan-tilt supports multi-part payloads and internal wiring/slip-ring. Suited for fixed and mobile applications.

Pan-Tilt Units D48

Rugged, compact outdoor unit for fixed and mobile single or multi-part payloads. Internal wiring, slip ring.

Pan-Tilt Units D47

The PTU-D47 computer-controlled pan/tilt is compact, lightweight, versatile, and field-proven across hundreds of applications.

Pan-Tilt Units E46

The PTU-E46 is a family of miniature pan-tilt units that provide accurate real-time positioning of cameras, lasers, antenna, or other small to medium payloads.