Flare Stack & Pilot Monitoring System

MoviTHERM Flareview

FlareVIEW, the Thermographic Imaging Solution for Pilot Flame and Gas Flare Monitoring

  • 24/7 Remote Flare Monitoring
  • Support for Up to 4 Cameras
  • Pilot Flame Detection
  • System Health Alarm
  • Seamless Integration with Plant DCS
  • Explosion Proof Option
  • User Friendly Touchscreen Interface

Recent advances in thermal camera technology open the door to higher resolution thermographic stack monitoring at lower price points. FlareVIEW offers a powerful, yet convenient and cost-effective alternative to “on-stack” thermocouples, IR pyrometers, and UV stack monitoring solutions.

Thermal Imaging is an accepted method for pilot and flame monitoring and complies with 40 CFR §60.18 (Environmental Protection Agency – ‘EPA’).

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“Off-Stack” Flare Monitoring at a Distance:

FlareVIEW is a pilot flame and gas flare monitoring system. It provides a remote monitoring solution for ground, elevated, and off-shore flare stacks to confirm compliance with government requirements. The FlareVIEW system features one or more thermal cameras, offering greater resolution and flame coverage than conventional IR pyrometer solutions. Multiple cameras arranged strategically around the stack provide different viewpoints for more reliable monitoring. FlareVIEW cameras each provide the equivalent of 76,800 (320 x 240) or 307,200 (640 x 480) temperature sensors.

MoviTHERM Flareview functionality
MoviTHERM Flareview pictures

Low Maintenance and Easy to Use:

The FlareVIEW system includes an integrated touchscreen control panel with an intuitive software interface. Multiple temperature regions may be monitored simultaneously, with assignable alarm conditions for each region. Plant DCS integration is seamless using industry-standard control signals and protocols. The system has been designed for quick set-up, and reliable, stand-alone operations.

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