Stress and Fatigue Measurements

Modern Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA ) shows:

  • Dynamic Stress Pattern Concentrations
  • Fatigue Limits
  • Crack Propagation

The MoviTHERM Stress-Check system supports advanced testing of metals, composites, plastics, glass, bone, concrete and more.

From Micro to Macro Thermoelastic Stress Analysis applications:

Test microscopic samples to entire aircraft, radar domes, and bridges.

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Monitoring Crack Growth

Visualization of Stress Patterns
(2” wide notched steel specimen)

Truck Crankshaft in Torsion Test-around the lube hole.
Measurement time: 1 second

  • Design comparison (A vs. B)
  • Life and failure location prediction
  • FEM validation
  • Stress field visualization
  • Material Characterization
  • Check on “as-manufactured” design
  • Rapid stress analysis
  • Composite material damage analysis
  • Fracture Mechanics

Stress Check Video: Spring Steel Stress Inspection

A demonstration of MoviTHERM’s Stress-Check themography solution for analyzing the performance of metal parts.

Stress Check Video: Automobile Steering Knuckle Stress Inspection

MoviTHERM’s Stress-Check thermography solution for analyzing the performance of metal, composite and ceramic parts.

MoviTHERM Stress-Check – System Literature

Stress and Fatigue Measurements

Stress-Check – Stress and Fatigue Measurements System Brochure