Advanced NDT For Solar Panels

Turn-Key Solution for IR solar cell testing methods.

  • Simple and Accurate Shunt Detection
  • Optical and Electrical Excitation
  • Accurate Measurement Without Reflections
  • Improved Sensitivity
  • Ideal for Production testing and Research and Development
The MoviTHERM Solar-Check system, with appropriate stimulation sources and accessories, can be used for all common IR solar cell testing methods including crack detection, shunt detection, emission analysis and carrier density measurements.

Solar-Check is a turn-key system, complete with IR-Imager, excitation source and image processing software. The system can be customized to suit your production and testing process.

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Shunt Detection – Simple and Accurate

Solar-Check addresses the critical need in the solar industry to efficiently and accurately detect shunts in thick-film and thin-film photovoltaic cells and panels.

Supports Optical and Electrical Excitation

Solar-Check is suitable for shunt detection in a production environment as well as in a research and development setting. Optical excitation allows for a true – non-contact inspection, enabling automated part handling.

Dark spots indicate shunted areas in cell. Lock-in excitation frequency: 50Hz.

Same cell as on the left, this time with 200Hz excitation.

Accurate Measurements – Lock-in Eliminates Reflections

The lock-in technique used in the Solar-Check solution significantly enhances the appearance of the defects in the resulting thermal image. Reflections and the adverse effects of thermal diffusion are eliminated, thereby pinpointing defect locations.

IR image of 60x60mm silicon solar cell showing shunt defects (orange areas) under steady state reverse bias conditions. Also visible is the refection caused by the lens of the thermal camera in addition to significant thermal diffusion around the shunted areas.

Same cell as image above. Here the “Lock-in” technique has been applied. All reflections and effects of thermal diffusion have been eliminated, hence allowing easy spotting of shunts.

Increased Sensitivity

Solar-Check’s built in lock-in measurement technique only responds to thermal responses from the solar cell only at the exact excitation frequency; thereby dramatically improving the overall sensitivity of the system. Typical thermal camera sensitivity is around 25 mK, MoviTHERM’s Solar-Check solution increases the system’s sensitivity to the µK range!

MoviTHERM Solar-Check

Advanced NDT For Solar Panels Literature

Solar-Check – System Brochure

MoviTHERM Solar Cell Inspection using Lockin Thermography

MoviTHERM’s Solar-CHECK solution uses lockin thermography to inspect for electrical shunts and other defects in thin-film as well as in thick-film photo-voltaic cells. The cells can either be excited electrically or optically.


MoviTHERM Solar Cell Lock In Electroluminescence NDT Solutions

MoviTHERM’s Solar-CHECK solution allows for inspection of solar cells. This particular method examines the electroluminescense when using electrical excitation of the cell.