Semiconductor Failure Analysis

Turn-Key Solution for Semi-Conductor Testing

  • Semi-Conductor Failure Analysis
  • Lock-in Thermography
  • Functional Circuit Analysis (Power Dissipation, Shorts, etc.)
  • Forensic Research

MoviTHERM Semiconductor Failure Analysis using Lockin Thermography

MoviTHERM’s Semi-CHECK solutions allows the detection of shorts and other defects in semiconductors. This system uses a FLIR Thermal camera with microscopic lens attachment in order to provide the correct magnification. Lockin Thermography allows to detect defects with nano-watt to micro-watt signatures.

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The MoviTHERM Semi-Check system is an affordable Lock-in Thermography system with built in 2-quadrant power supply. The power supply allows for separate current and voltage modulation using square wave, sinusoidal and arbitrary waveforms. The combination of Lock-in Thermography with a high-end cooled thermal camera makes it possible to detect thermal variations in the micro Kelvin range.

A special Lock-in online mode allows for virtually indefinite measurement periods for extremely low signals.

Supported Thermal Camera:

The Semi-Check system supports certain thermal cameras from FLIR Systems, Inc. From long wave infrared (LWIR 8-14μm) uncooled microbolometers, to scientific, cooled mid-wave infrared (MWIR 3-5μm). Microscopic lens attachments are available for these cameras for spatial resolutions down to 4μm/pixel.

Microscopic Stand:

The microscopic stand with manual Z-axis allows for rapid change-over from larger parts, such as entire circuit boards or large wavers to microscopic inspections. The base plate has a standard 1” x 1” hole pattern to mount micrometer stages, probe stations or other accessories. The stand is compatible with all support FLIR cameras.

Automated Testing:

The system has built-in, programmable digital I/O for automated testing in a production line. The testing sequence can be programming using the built in Visual Basic Script Engine.


Lock-in image with defect


Lock-in image with hot spot


Lock-in Thermography system

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