Jet Check

Aircraft Inspection System

Turn-Key Aircraft Inspection System using Lock-in Thermography

  • Achieve fuselage inspections in 1/10th the time of your current method
  • Approved of the FAA
  • Currently used by Boeing, Luthansa and Airbus
Discover the next generation of thermography, delivering unprecedented speed, performance and flexibility.
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One complete inspection with Jet Check now takes in general between 4-5 shifts, this represents an effort of about 100 Man-hours. When compared to the “old-procedure” this represents a time-saving of about 1000 hours.
Peter Feddern, NDT Engineer, Lufthansa Technik AG

High Speed / Large Scale Measurement with Jet Check:

Covers 10 sq. ft. in a single measurement.
Entire fuselage of a Boeing 737 can be measured in 100 hours.

Jet Check Detects All Key Defects on a Variety of Materials:

Defects like delaminations, cracks, loose rivets and water inclusions are detected and displayed with excellent contrast. Suitable for different materials and material combinations, for example: aluminum, carbonfiber or glassfiber reinforced plastics and honeycomb structures.

True Non-Contact NDT Solution:

During the measurement the component reaches a maximum temperature of less than 40C.
Damages or changes of the shape are impossible.

Accommodates a Wide Range of Measurement Methods:

Depending on your application needs, Jet-Check can utilize a number of NDT methods:

  • Flash Thermography
  • Transient Thermography
  • Lock-In Thermography
  • Vibro-Thermography




IR image (before) and lock-in result (after).
The disbonded area is clearly visible.

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