Composite Check

Advanced Composite NDT

MoviTHERM Composite Check

Turn-key NDT for Composite Inspection Using Advanced Thermography

  • Detect defects in composite panels
  • Only requires access to one side of panel
  • No contact with panel necessary
  • Superior penetration depth
  • Uses innovative “Lock-in” Thermography technology
  • Modular “Base” system scales to fit any panel size (VIEW)
  • More affordable than alternative technologies

MoviTHERM Composite Check is the Ideal solution for high speed, non-destructive and non-contact inspection of composite materials.
Various configurations for optimum adaptation to different geometries, sizes and composites.
Modular hardware and software for easy upgrading.

Transient Thermography

This video discusses and demonstrates the transient thermography method. This method is often used when inspecting defects in carbon composite materials.

Flash Thermography

Flash Thermography is often used for defect detection in metals and composites for aerospace materials.

Lockin Thermography

This system is a Lockin Thermography System used for defect detection in materials, such as composites, metals and non-metals.

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High Speed / Flexible:

All kinds of defects in parts from different composite materials can be reliably detected within short times.

Detects All Key Defects on a Variety of Materials:

Defects like delaminations, cracks, impact damages and water inclusions are detected and displayed with excellent contrast.
Detects thermal stress and “far side” defects.
Suitable for all kinds of composites like CRP (Carbonfiber Reinforced Plastics), GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics), Honeycombs, CFRC (Carbonfiber Reinforced Ceramics) GLARE (Glassfiber Reinforced Aluminum Laminate):

Easy and reliable measurement setup:

Large area measurements (up to 10 sq. ft.).
Insensitive to thermal reflections and variations in emissivity.

Accommodates a Wide Range of Measurements Methods:

Depending on your application needs, Composite-Check can utilize a number of NDT methods:

  • Flash Thermography
  • Transient Thermography
  • Lock-In Thermography
  • Vibro-Thermography


CRP sheet with impact damage.


Honeycomb panel with delaminations.


GRP top cover of Intercity Express 3 train with defect in bonding detected.

Composite Material Thermal Inspection Video

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