Thermal Imaging System for automated Weld-Inspection

Plastic-Weld-Check System

Key System Benefits:

  • 100% Inspection
  • Verify Weld Quality
  • Ensure Repeatability and Part Uniformity
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Non-contact, High Speed Inspection
  • Validate Source Plastic Consistency
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Plastic-Weld-Check Screenshots

Ultrasonic Welding is a quick and economical way to join and seal plastic parts without fasteners, adhesives, or an external heat source. MoviTHERM PWC (Plastic Weld Check) Systems add value to your Ultrasonic Welding investment by verifying weld integrity in real-time, as new parts are produced.

The MoviTHERM PWC uses advanced thermal (IR) imaging to measure temperatures along the geometry of each weld. This data can be used to verify weld recipes, and track the consistency of your yield over time.

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Technical Data MoviTHERM Plastic-Weld-Check

PWC-320 System PWC-640 System
IR Resolution 320 x 256 pixels 640 x 512 pixels
Lens Options (Field of View) 7.6˚, 13˚, 24˚, 48˚ or 63˚ 6.2˚, 12.4˚, 25˚, 45˚ or 90˚
IR Frames per Second 60 fps (max) 30 fps (max)
Measurement Target
Temperature Ranges
High Resolution: -25˚C to 135˚C (-13 to 275˚F)
Extended Range: -40˚C to 550˚C (-40 to 1022˚F)
Temperature Resolution 0.05˚C (0.09˚F)
Analysis PC and Software
  • Panel PC w/Touchscreen
  • Optional NEMA4 Industrial Enclosure
  • Recipe Manager with programmable inspection regions
  • Data logging and image archiving
  • Temperature Trend Graph
  • 24VDC discrete digital I/O
  • 4-20mA (Current Loop) analog output
  • Industrial I/O & Communications Interface (Ethernet)

MoviTHERM Plastic-Weld-Check Brochure