Media Productions

MoviTHERM has been involved in several media productions. These include video marketing content, documentaries, live music productions and TV shows. Some of our work is showcased below. All of our media work has been done, using high-end, high-resolution thermal imaging cameras. Utilizing these cameras allows the viewer to see beyond what is ordinarily visible to the human eye.

Thermal cameras see heat and do not rely on visible light. Whether a scene is shot in sunlight or in complete darkness, the results are the same. For one of the examples below, we used a special spectral filter to make Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas visible. Visualizing gases is referred to in our industry as “OGI” or Optical Gas Imaging.

Since thermal cameras are very unique in the way they work, MoviTHERM always provides a senior thermographic engineer with the camera to assist with filming. This assures that our customers get the most out of their thermal imaging footage and avoid common pitfalls. Find out how thermal imaging can enhance your next media production or help to promote your product! Contact us to discuss your ideas!

Thirty Seconds to Mars ft. Travis Scott Perform ‘Walk On Water’ | 2017 VMAs | MTV

Thirty Seconds to Mars front-man Jared Leto wanted to make television history by broadcasting the live performance of their single “Walk on Water”, entirely via FLIR thermal cameras. FLIR and MoviTHERM worked to create the first ever live FLIR thermal performance.

Check out this mesmerizing music video that catapulted Thirty Seconds to Mars new hit to #2 on iTunes within hours of the MTV broadcast.

This video was included in the “Top 5 FLIR Moments in Film & TV” by FLIR System, Inc.

Exposing Carbon Pollution | Cool Effect

In the fight against global warming, seeing is believing.

With the help of the FLIR camera’s Carbon Dioxide (Co2) filter technology, Cool Effect is exposing this invisible enemy, letting people know that the time for action against climate change is now.

In this captivating and eye opening documentary about carbon emissions, MoviTHERM helped to visualize CO2 gas from numerous sources. For the first time, people can actually see how much greenhouse gas is being exhausted from various, every day sources.

Carbon pollution can’t hide anymore.

Learn more about the great job Cool Effect is doing here.

“Legion” – Season 2 Episode 2

This is a scene from Season 2 Episode 2 of the FX TV Series “Legion” that we worked on. We used a FLIR® A8303sc thermal camera to film the bloodhound, representing the visual perception of a tic.

The dog was very sweet and patient during the shoot, which took several hours. His handler was rewarding him with plenty of treats for his good behavior.

Special thanks go out to Tanja Tittelbach Liu for assisting us with the shoot.

Here are some fact checks by “The Wrap” on this episode of Legion.

Hyperice Lab: Increased Circulation with the Vyper 2.0 vs. Standard Foam Rolling

Hyperice makes devices to aid athletes with warm up and recovery. The Vyper 2.0 is a vibrating roller to help increase blood circulation. However, it is one thing to claim that it does, but another to actually prove it!

MoviTHERM was brought in for that task. The video shows an athlete using a standard, passive foam roller. The standard foam roller was used to massage the upper thigh. Thermal video was taken of the upper thigh before and after the warm up.

In comparison, we took thermal video with a before and after shot when the athlete switched over to the Viper 2.0 vibrating foam roller.

The thermal camera helped visualize the dramatic difference in blood flow and helped prove the effectiveness of the product.

Hyperice Lab: Increased Circulation with the Hypersphere vs. Standard Myofascial Release Ball

This video demonstrates a different product made by Hyperice.

The goal of Hypersphere is the same – increase blood circulation and do it better than a standard myofascial ball.

Hyperice Lab: Thermal Imaging with the Hypervolt

Product three of the thermal video lineup is showing increased circulation with the Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide technology.

According to Hyperice, Inc. – “The Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility.”