(FLIR Part Number 48001-1101)
The FLIR A315 is a compact and affordable thermal imaging camera, fully controlled by a PC. Due to it’s compliance to standard, FLIR A315 is Plug&Play with third-party Machine Vision software like National instruments, Cognex, Matrox, MVtec and Stemmer Imaging.

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Excellent image quality

The FLIR A315 is equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VoX) detector that produces thermal images of 320 x 240 pixels.

Users that need a higher image quality than of the FLIR A315 can choose the A615 that produces thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels.

Both cameras make temperature differences as small as 50 mk clearly visible. They come with a built-in 25° lens with motorized focus and autofocus. Optional lenses are available.

GigE Vision™ standard compatibility

An industry first, GigE Vision is a camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication interface. GigE Vision is the first standard to enable fast image transfer using low-cost standard cables even over long distances. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.

GenICam™ protocol support

Another industry first. The goal of GenICam is to provide a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras. The GenICam protocol also makes third-party software compatible with the camera.

16-bit temperature linear output

Allows you to do temperature measurements in a non-contact mode with any third-party software. A built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allows real-time 16-bit image streaming to a computer.

Environmental housing (FLIR A315)

The FLIR A315 can be ordered with an environmental housing. The housing increases the environmental specifications of the FLIR A315 to IP66, protecting the camera’s from dust and water without affecting any of the camera features. The housing is available for cameras that are equipped with a 25º, 45º or 90º lens, and can be ordered separately as an accessory.

High Temperature Options

For high temperature applications the camera can be calibrated for high temperature ranges.

FLIR P/N Description
T197000 High temperature option +1200°C (+2192°F)

  • +200°C to +1200°C (+392°F to +2192°F)
T129252 Special temperature range –20 to +700°C

  • –20 to +120°C (–4 to +248°F)
  • 0 to +700°C (+32 to +1292°F)
T129253 Special temperature range –20 to +500°C

  • –20 to +120°C (–4 to +248°F)
  • –20 to +500°C (–4 to +932°F)
T129254 High temperature measurement option –20 to +2000°C

  • –20 to +120°C (–4 to +248°F)
  • 0 to +500°C (+32 to +932°F)
  • +300 to +2000°C (+572 to +3632°F)
Imaging & Optical Data FLIR A315 (FLIR Part Number 48001-1101)
Field of view (FOV) / Minimum focus distance 25° × 18.8° / 0.4 m (1.31 ft.)
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 1.36 mrad
Focal length 18 mm (0.7 in.)
F-number 1.3
Image frequency 60 Hz
Detector data
Focal Plane Array (FPA) / Spectral range Uncooled microbolometer / 7.5–13 μm
IR resolution 320 × 240 pixels
Detector pitch 25 μm
Detector time constant Typical 12 ms
Object temperature range –20 to +120°C (-4 to 248°F)
0 to +350°C (32 to 662°F)
* High Temperature Options available, see Features tab
Ethernet, image streaming 16-bit 320 × 240 pixels at 60 Hz
– Signal linear
– Temperature linear
– Radiometric
GigE Vision and GenICam compatible


Imaging & Optical Data
Lens identification Automatic
Thermal sensitivity/NETD < 0.05°C @ +30°C (86°F) / 50 mK
Focus Automatic or manual (built in motor)
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading
Measurement analysis
Atmospheric transmission correction Automatic, based on inputs for distance, atmospheric temperature and relative humidity
Optics transmission correction Automatic, based on signals from internal sensors
Emissivity correction Variable from 0.01 to 1.0
Reflected apparent temperature correction Automatic, based on input of reflected temperature
External optics/windows correction Automatic, based on input of optics/window transmission and temperature
Measurement corrections Global object parameters
Ethernet Control and image
Ethernet, standard IEEE 802.3
Ethernet, connector type RJ-45
Ethernet, type Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet, communication TCP/IP socket-based FLIR proprietary and GenICam protocol
Ethernet, protocols TCP, UDP, SNTP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP, ICMP, IGMP, ftp, SMTP, SMB (CIFS), DHCP, MDNS (Bonjour), uPnP
Digital input/output
Digital input 2 opto-isolated, 10–30 VDC
Digital output, purpose Output to ext. device (programmatically set)
Digital output 2 opto-isolated, 10–30 VDC, max 100 mA
Digital I/O, isolation voltage 500 VRMS
Digital I/O, supply voltage 12/24 VDC, max 200 mA
Digital I/O, connector type 6-pole jackable screw terminal
Digital input, purpose Image tag (start, stop, general), Image flow ctrl. (Stream on/off), Input ext. device (programmatically read)
Power system
External power operation 12/24 VDC, 24 W absolute max
External power, connector type 2-pole jackable screw terminal
Voltage Allowed range 10–30 VDC
Environmental data
Storage temperature range –40°C to +70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Humidity (operating and storage) IEC 60068-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity +25°C to +40°C (77 to
EMC • EN 61000-6-2:2001 (Immunity) • EN 61000-6-3:2001 (Emission) • FCC
47 CFR Part 15 Class B (Emission)
Vibration 2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Physical data
Housing material Aluminium
Scope of delivery
Hard transport case or cardboard box, Thermal imaging camera with lens, Utility CD-ROM, Calibration certificate, Ethernet™ cable, USB cable (FLIR A615), Mains cable, Power cable (pig-tailed), Power supply, Printed Getting Started Guide, Printed Important Information Guide, User documentation CD-ROM, Warranty extension card or
Registration card, 6-pole screw terminal (mounted on camera)

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