Thermal Camera Enclosures for Outdoor

Standard camera enclosures for outdoor mounting.

These types of enclosures offer basic protection against the elements for most climates. They are typically equipped with a sun shield to avoid excessive heating due to direct exposure to the sun and they may also have a thermostat and a heater built in. The heater may serve as a defroster for the front viewing glass only, or for colder climates, such as Alaska, additional heaters assure that the camera stays within its specified operating temperatures.

Optional accessories are available as well, such as automated wipers to keep the viewing window free of droplets. These enclosures are typically made from powder coating steel or aluminum, plastic or fiber glass and are considered general purpose, all-weather enclosures.

Thermal Camera Enclosures for Outdoor
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Other available Thermal Camera Enclosures

Enclosures for hazardous environment
  • Protecting thermal cameras from hazardous environments and combustible materials
  • For explosion prevention or explosion containment
  • Class I/Div 1 and 2 and Class II/Div 1 and 2 and their respective sub groupings available
Enclosures for harsh environments
  • made of stainless steel or chrome plated materials
  • protection against harsh and potentially corrosive environments
  • optional modifications available (i.e. mechanical shutters)
Enclosures for high temperature
  • for extreme, high-temperature applications
  • multiple temperature dependent cooling methods available