Irvine, CA – 07/23/2017

MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography Solutions ( is releasing a new thermal imaging capture and analysis toolkit software for FLIR thermal cameras.

MoviTHERM Infrared Capture & Analysis Tool, thermal imaging softwareIR-CAT offers a powerful set of features with a very intuitive user interface. The software tool is intended for research and development as well as for analyzing automated production processes, such as package sealing, hot glue, PID loop characterization, paper and plastic manufacturing, steel and many other applications where heat is a critical parameter. MoviTHERM’s IR-CAT allows the user to perform statistical process analysis of their production process, research thermal behaviors of their newly developed products, characterize heat dissipation of electronic circuits and even perform thermal microscopy using special microscopic lens attachments for uncooled and cooled thermal cameras.

movitherm ir cat thermal imaging software A65 A35 A315 A615The thermal imaging software is also an invaluable tool for evaluating if a particular inspection task can be automated, using one of MoviTHERM’s automated thermal inspection solutions. The captured data can be exported to MS Excel for further number crunching. IR-CAT offers real-time video sequence analysis and the built-in image extraction function lets the user pick the desired thermal images with a simple mouse click.

IR-CAT combines video editing software with scientific thermal analysis in one powerful package.

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