MoviTHERM announced an expansion to their MIO Series Intelligent I/O lineup for remote thermal monitoring applications. The new, lower-cost single camera MIO Series Intelligent I/O modules (“MIO”) join the existing 7 camera product line. MIO is an Ethernet based thermal imaging module that adds analog and digital output capabilities to FLIR® AX8, A310(f), and FC-Series R thermal cameras.

The MIO I/O modules provide connected FLIR® cameras with the ability to alarm if a configured temperature threshold is being breached. The new, low-cost single camera unit automatically connects to a configured FLIR® camera on the network, looks up the designated region or area of interest (ROI), and starts monitoring.

Two analog (4 to 20mA) current loop signals and two digital (alarm) outputs are provided per each device. The alarm outputs as well as the current loop outputs update continuously in real-time, enabling a complete, turn-key embedded monitoring solution.

An intuitive web server interface provides the user with a quick and easy way to configure or change alarm thresholds.

“The MoviTHERM MIO Series Intelligent I/O module turns FLIR® cameras instantly into a remote monitoring system!”
Markus Tarin, photoMarkus Tarin, President and CEO of MoviTHERM

MoviTHERM’s MIO I/O Module eliminates the need for running monitoring software on a PC. It greatly simplifies the architecture and infrastructure that is typically required for a multi-camera monitoring system. A remote monitoring system based on the MoviTHERM MIO I/O module is easily scalable without adding significant cost or complexity. Each MIO supports up to seven cameras. To monitor more cameras or to extend the I/O, simply add more MIO I/O modules.

Utilizing the MoviTHERM MIO I/O module for a remote monitoring applications completely removes the complexities associated with thermal imaging and software engineering. The user can finally focus on what is important without the learning curve, programming or hiring an engineering company.

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