The Vision Systems Design magazine has published an infrared imaging article, authored by Markus Tarin, President & CEO of MoviTHERM.

In his latest educational article, titled:”Choosing a camera for infrared imaging”, Mr. Tarin walks the reader step-by-step through available camera and detector technologies and explains important technical specifications. Non-visible imaging is a much more complex subject matter than standard, visible machine vision. The user can choose between different detector types for different applications and wavelengths. However, the selection process is littered with possible pitfalls that could lead to costly mistakes, if any of the technical specifications are being misinterpreted.


The article is touching on the most important technical aspects affecting camera performance and suitability for particular applications. It is meant to expand the reader’s technical background with respect to infrared imaging. However, due to editorial limitations, the article only scratches the surface of the world of infrared and thermal imaging.

Read the full article on the Vision Systems Magazine Website here: